Keilbach Sixteen Wooden Oak Modern Table

Product Range

The "Sixteen" side table and stool is a multi-functional piece of architecture and the grid of oak bars is reminiscent of Manhattan with its monumental buildings and urban canyons. The bars are lined up in a strict grid and this makes the sixteen appear puristic and spectacular at the same time and a perfect fit for any interior. Sixteen is usable as a stool as well as side table thanks to its compact shape. But that’s not all, with some of your own accessories, you can create a completely individual piece of furniture. Optional accessories include: Table top made of glass (sixteen.table) Votive candles holder made of stainless steel (sixteen.candle) and the Flowers vase made of Duran glass (sixteen.flower)

For further information on the Keilbach Sixteen table please call: 0844 800 0841