Keilbach Bravissimo Non-Slip Sand Door Mat 04 4250

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Keilbach Bravissimo Non-Slip Sand Door Mat 04 4250

No less elegant than an expensive rug, but relentless towards dirt and moisture, the doormat bravissimo enhances any entrance area. It is so flat, that it allows most doors to be opened smoothly. Its firm PVC-back protects effectively from moisture from below and ensures that the mat lies flat without moving or bending even on very smooth surfaces.

This doormat is available in two different sizes and seven beautiful colors. Bravissimo is revalued by a “Welcome-Button” made from stainless steel in the size of a 2-Euro coin and a label with the keilbach-logo. Both, button and label can be removed easily.

The mat can be washed. The larger version is also suitable for commercial use.

87 × 57 cm, 0,9 cm thick 04 4210
bravissimo.darkgrey 04 4220
bravissimo.warmgrey 04 4230
bravissimo.brown 04 4240
bravissimo.sand 04 4250 04 4260 04 4270