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Colour: Steel

Guarantee: 10 years rust perforation
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x Keilbach Fluxus Steel Fire Pit & BBQ 05 0040

Keilbach Fluxus Steel Fire Pit & BBQ 05 0040

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Keilbach Fluxus Steel Fire Pit & BBQ 05 0040

Firepit, BBQ or a piece of art?
The Fluxus Fire Pit stands in the garden all year round like a piece of art. It is always ready for use and transforms from a fire pit into a bbq grill instantly using the Barbecue Rack accessory. The soot leaves interesting contrasts and effects on the corroding material. Even Winter gardens are enchanted by the charisma of the snow-covered Fluxus.

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Barbecue Rack                            
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The fluxus fire pit was named after the revolutionary art movement "Fluxus", symbolizing the flowing transition between art and life.  The stylish square stands in the garden all year round like a steely piece of art. 
The stainless steel barbecue rack (optional extra) transforms the fireplace into an adequate charcoal-grill. The bracket is pre-assembled, so the rack is quickly inserted when needed. The rack is rotatable and height adjustable.

fluxus 05 0040
3 mm thick, blank, weatherproof steel sheet (will rust over time) 
The rusted material leaves marks on the ground.
80 × 80 × 22 cm, 26 kg

fluxus.grillrost 05 0031
Barbecue Rack
Fixture made from massive round steel, barbecue rack made from stainless steel 
42 × 40 cm, 1,5 Kg

A campfire generates soot and ash. If used as a barbecue the fire pit is also splashed with grease. This is inevitable. The approach to clean a fire pit goes against the natural use of fire. This is the reason why we use steel sheet that will rust over time. The sculptural form of this fire pit then appears like an piece of art. Rust, ash and grease can not harm its beautiful appearance!

Design: Peter Keilbach
Made in Germany